You have two options:

  • Option A:
    • If your AC saves its power state after electricity is restored, you can use a Sonoff BASIC R2 or Sonoff smart plug to control it ON/OFF and set schedules.
    • If your AC does not save its power after electricity is restored, using a Sonoff smart plug or Sonoff basic will not help and you should check the option B.
  • Option B ( If your AC has an infrared remote):
    • You can use the Broadlink RM Mini 4C to control it on/off and change its temperature and other settings. Check this video to learn how to use the Broadlink to control your AC.
      • Note: The Broadlink does not remember the state of your AC(just like the remote), it just assumes it. So if the AC is off and you turn it on using the Broadlink app, it will turn on, and if it is on and you turn it on as well from the Broadlink app, it will turn off, because the ON/OFF signal is the same IR signal (unless your AC has separate buttons for on and off).
    • Other popular options with Apple HomeKit