There are many, and it depends on what level of ‘smarts’ you want. For example, being able to turn off all your lights in the entire house (or just specific rooms) just by saying ‘Hey Google, turn off all my lights’ ensures that you will never accidentally leave the house with the lights on. Just think of how much electricity we waste by going to bed and leaving the garden lights on.

Another huge benefit is when you start to make your smart devices talk to each other. In the above example, we have already made your smart speaker connect to your smart lights. Take this one step further, and you can tell your smart speaker to perform a number of tasks with just one command. For example if you say “Hey Google, let’s watch a movie”, then your smart home will adjust itself ready for your movie night by dimming the living room lights, turning on the projector or TV, open Netflix then put your phone into ‘Do not Disturb’ mode. Your home can do all these things automatically without you lifting a finger or uttering a word. The possibilities are, quite simply, limitless.