Smart Displays

A smart display is primarily voice-controlled, so you can say commands at it from across a room. But unlike a smart speaker, a smart display can display information such as upcoming appointments, weather, in-progress timers, the current time, a grocery list, recipes, and more without you having to utter a single command.

They can also be used as a modern, cloud-connected digital photo frame, allowing you to see all of those memories you’ve captured over the years that are currently trapped on your smartphone.

Some models also come with built-in cameras that can be used for video calling to other smart displays or even phones.

There are essentially two types of smart displays available: ones that use Amazon’s Alexa assistant and ones that run on Google Assistant. Which one is better for you really depends on your needs and whether you already have a smart speaker in your home. The two platforms are more similar than they are different, but a simple way to differentiate between them is Google’s smart displays work best with Google services, such as Duo, Photos, other Nest devices, and YouTube, and Amazon’s smart displays work with Amazon services, like Prime Video, Amazon Photos, and Ring products.

Manage your calendar, follow along with recipes, catch up on news and more with your favorite smart display.

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