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This smart sensor requires an Aqara hub to work.

You can check the Aqara E1 hub or the Aqara M1S Hub.

Aqara Smoke Sensor

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Product Information

Aqara Smoke Sensor is a smart battery device that can detect the presence of smoke and fire in your home or office. It uses photoelectric smoke-sensing technology and emits a loud alarm and flashing light when smoke is detected to alert you of the danger.

  • Control Remotely: The Aqara Smoke Sensor is a smart home device that is Wi-Fi enabled, which enables you to remotely monitor and control it using your smartphone.
  • Compatibility: The Aqara Smoke Sensor is designed to work with Apple HomeKit, and it can be remotely controlled and monitored using an Apple device and can be integrated with other Apple HomeKit-compatible devices to create a smart home ecosystem.
  • Notification: The Aqara Smoke Sensor uses a built-in speaker to emit a loud alarm when it detects smoke or fire. The alarm is designed to be loud enough to alert you of the potential danger, even if you’re in another room. Additionally, the device also has a flashing light that will turn on when the alarm is triggered, providing a visual alert. When the alarm is triggered, you will receive a notification on your smartphone, which allows you to take the necessary action to address the situation.
  • Easy to use: The device is designed to be easy to install on the ceiling or wall of your home or office. Once installed, the device will automatically start monitoring your home or office for smoke and fire.


    • Model: JY-GZ-01 AQ
    • Color: White
    • Battery type: CR17450
    • Battery Included

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We want you to know

This smart sensor requires an Aqara hub to work.

You can check the Aqara E1 hub or the Aqara M1S Hub.

Works with Google Home