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What is your warranty policy?

Warranty Overview

Smartio warrants to the original owner of the product that the product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of six (6) months from the date you purchased your product from Smartio. Smartio will replace any defective product or component.

Any replacement product received by you will be covered by the Warranty for the longer of (a) three months from the date of replacement or (b) the remaining applicable Warranty Period on the replaced product.

The following products are NOT covered by the Warranty:

  • Sonoff products.
  • Products submitted beyond the original 6-months warranty period.
  • Products submitted without valid proof of purchase.
  • Products that are physically located outside Lebanon.
  • Products that are lost or stolen.
  • Products received without charge in a Smartio giveaway or donation, as a promotional free item, or as samples
  • Products subjected to falls, extreme temperatures, water, or other operating conditions contrary to the product documentation.
  • Products affected by acts of nature, including lightning, floods, fires, or power surges.

Warranty Claims

  • Notification: To initiate a warranty claim for your product purchased from Smartio, please promptly inform us of any defects during the Warranty Period. You can reach our customer support team via WhatsApp at 71791103.
  • Proof of Purchase: When submitting a warranty claim, please provide a valid proof of purchase, which includes your order ID.
  • Proof of the Issue: In addition to the proof of purchase, please include evidence of the issue, such as photos and/or videos, when making your warranty claim.
  • Troubleshooting Assistance: Upon receiving your claim, Smartio will provide you with clear and comprehensive troubleshooting steps to help determine if the item is indeed defective.
  • Product Inspection (if necessary): In certain cases, Smartio may request that the defective product be returned to us for inspection. Please note that the shipping costs associated with sending the product to us for inspection will be your responsibility.
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