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Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Our shipping partner Wakilni are experiencing some delays, and the delivery projections on this page are estimations. Delivery may be delayed due to the increased volumes due to the holidays.

It may take anywhere between 1-3 working days for your package to arrive. Your delivery date may vary based on the date you placed your order (ex. if placed after a non-working day, the expected delivery date may be later).

We currently recognize all Lebanese holidays and therefore are closed on those days. Sundays and Holidays are not considered a business day

Track Your Order

To check your order status, log in to your account. In Orders, select Track on the order you want to track.

Incorrect Address

Please verify your address when ordering, we are unable to fix an incorrect shipping address on an order once it is in transit. If your order is in transit with an incorrect address, please contact Wakilni to reroute the package. Smartio is not able to have packages rerouted or contact Wakilni on your behalf.

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