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Smart Homes Made Simple and Affordable

Integrate smart technologies into your home, and live better. Smartio uses the worldโ€™s top technologies to bring real convenience, accessibility, and security into Lebanon homes. The smart homes of today are advanced yet affordable, powerful yet user-friendly, and Smartio can help create your smart home with simple, effective integrations.

Smartio brings you the latest smart home devices in Lebanon

The Latest in Smart Technology

Highly reliable, easily implemented smart technologies.

Smartio’s advanced technologies allow for powerful automations, beautiful designs, and convenient installations. It also features broad compatibility with the worldโ€™s most popular smart home platforms.

Easy to Install and Configure

Itโ€™s surprisingly simple to set up a smart home.

Our smart home products are surprisingly simple to set up. Most of them do not require any drilling, trunking, or rewiring. By using WiFi and Zigbee wireless technology, some of our devices are battery-operated and tiny.

Our products can be installed both in homes being renovated, or in the home youโ€™re living in. Most installations wonโ€™t take more than 30 minutes.