You can use supported Echo devices and the Alexa app to call another Alexa Communication user (e.g., on Echo, “Alexa, call Mom,” or, on the Alexa app, tapping on the Calling icon on Mom’s contact card). When you receive Alexa calls on your supported Echo devices, Alexa will tell you that you have an incoming call and identify the caller. You also will see a green light indicator on Echo devices without a screen, and an incoming call screen on Echo devices with a screen. You can say “Alexa, answer,” to pick up the call. Either person can end the call by saying “Alexa, hang up.” When you receive a call, you also will receive a notification on your mobile phone or tablet and will see an incoming call screen in the Alexa app that lets you answer the call.

Note: Alexa cannot be used to have normal calls to Lebanese phone numbers or WhatsApp calls. The Alexa app has to be installed on the phone to be able to call your Echo device and receive calls from it.