Our location is a warehouse, not shop (we are based online). The warehouse is not a location that can be visited by clients who wish to see the items because it belongs to a third party company (Wakilni) and other online shops are using this warehouse.Β  Also, the items are all in their boxes and cannot be opened by clients to inspect them before purchasing.

The items available are all on the website, with clear pictures and prices. If after you enter the page of an item, it is “Out of stock”, this means it is not available. The website will not let you order more than the available quantities(it is up to date with the stock) – so if you want to order something, rest assured that it is in stock and ready to be picked up or delivered.

If you want to see a certain device in action, we invite you to check Google or YouTube videos by searching on it for the name of the items. Most of our items are popular and have been unboxed/reviewed dozens of times by different content creators.

Note: The warehouse closes at 5PM during weekdays and at 1PM on Saturday (Closed on Sunday).

When you are ready to order, you can use the website and choose the “pickup” shipping method. Orders need around 1 hour to be confirmed & prepared. Then, after the order is placed on the website, we will send you the location of the warehouse on WhatsApp to pickup the items.